Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sick days + homework=insanity

My son was home sick on tuesday with a terrible cold and a fever. He had a fit when I insisted he not go to school and now I know why he wanted to drag his sorry body out of bed and into class. All the work he would have gotten on tuesday was due today along with all the work he received on wednesday. Double work while still not feeling well.

How does this make sense?

He now faces a no-win situation: hand in what's already a day past due and earn a MAXIMUM of 50% on it, or focus on current homework, earning a 0 on the past due material.

This is 7th grade. Even in college, the standard was lose a letter grade on an assignment each day it was late. Losing half credit for one day's lateness seems rather draconian to me.

I certainly understand the need to motivate students to practice good study habits and time management techniques. But this policy penalizes a child for falling ill. My son is not lazy--he is extremely concerned about doing his work, both because he's intrinsically motivated to learn and because he wants to please his teachers. Tell me what is to be gained except increasing his anxiety level, from pushing a kid this hard?

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mommyguilt said...

You're kidding, right? That's the most ludicrous policy I've ever heard of...especially for sick days. We have a policy of what was due the day you were sick is due upon your return. Makeup work is due approximately 1day per day that you were out to give you time to catch up...I mean, come on..then you STILL get homework for the day you go BACK to school.

I would take it up with the school board and, if necessary, to the district. That really is unfair to the students.