Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Today's post, part 1: Thank you

I appreciate those of you who commented on the blog or via email about my last post. I am less stressed a week later, having had some process time.

Am I any more disposed to move? No. But my fight or flight response has damped down and I can work through the process without the sense of impending panic I felt in the past few weeks.

One of the reasons this problem has been so difficult to work through is that it concerns the future/wellbeing/success of the person I generally problem-solve with. Normally, my husband is the impartial and reasoned sounding board. This time, he's drowning in the same fears and anxieties as I am.

To his credit, he knows how difficult even the idea of moving is for me and he's arranged for me to spend a day in this town to get a sense of what I think of it before we talk further. I'm a kinesthetic processor--being there will do what internet research and brochures cannot.

I'll keep you posted.

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carrie said...

I am not sure if you rec'd the first response I wrote. If is again. I read your blog with great interest, both as a parent of a 22 yr old with ASD and as a special education high school teacher. Your frustrations are reasonable and there are strategies that the teachers could be using that are appropriate and would help your son. I am glad to offer some suggestions if you are interested. Although I live on Long Island, the special ed laws are all based on federal legislation so that what I would suggest would be appropriate to ask for in Mass as it is in NY.

I hope to hear from you